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5th Anniversary VI

6 days, 10 DJs, 1 amazing live singer … and the best family ever!

It has been one of the most remarkable weeks in Club Bohannon’s history. Thanks to everyone who helped us with djing, hosting, building and organizing this birthday marathon that was honestly one of a kind. Thank you all for having such a good time and celebrating our 5th Anniversary with us.

Let’s look forward to many more years at the best place to be – Club Bohannon!

5th Anniversary Gallery VI


5th Anniversary V

Without exaggeration, I can say that the last night was one of the best I’ve ever had in my whole SL! We inaugurated our newly designed beach location with a real bomb!

DJ Tom and DJ Divine pampered us with the best party tunes you can imagine! But the real highlight was the outstanding live performance from Nonah Reeves who gave us one eargasm after another!

Thank you all for being part of this unforgettable “All-In-White” session!
The Bohannon family rocks! ❤️

5th Anniversary Gallery V


5th Anniversary IV

Wow, we have made it through 4 days of non-stop partying so far!
What a hell of a birthday marathon 😄 last night. DJ Moondog, Mr Grooooove himself, and
DJ Djungle played tons of Funk & Soul tunes and the best of the Disco age for more than 5 hours!

And yes, I couldn’t stop taking pics again, you all looked so fab!

But the party continues –
Tonight at the brand-new beach location with an “All-In-White” party, so get ready, folks! ❤️

5th Anniversary Gallery IV


5th Anniversary III

Oh yes, as you can imagine, I was really excited about Wurfi’s special “Happy Birthday Bohannon!” set last night! And he didn’t let me down, he played a 4 hours non-stop set that was truly one of a kind! Nile Rodgers! Prince! And to top it all, the very best of the 80s!

I knew I would end up with a sore throat from singing along but it was it so worth it!

The party continues!

5th Anniversary Gallery III


5th Anniversary II

What a fabulous night! Chilly and Finn rocked the club so much, everyone was over the moon!
Thank you so much for giving us such a good time with excellent tunes and so much fun!
And I can only agree with Djungle – Club Bohannon funks and has a golden soul! 😀

The party continues!

5th Anniversary Gallery II


5th Anniversary I

Yay, we made it through the first day of our long “Happy Birthday Bohannon” week
with great sets from DJ Harry and DJ Tuca! What a nice “Warm-up”!

Now we are ready for more! LET’S KEEP PARTYING! ❤️

5th Anniversary Gallery I


5th Anniversary

Dear family and friends,

The time has come! Yes, Club Bohannon will celebrate its  5th Anniversary !

It’s almost unbelievable, isn’t it? But it’s true, 5 years with innumerable Funk and Soul sets brought to you by the best DJs of the grid have passed by, so many Events have happened and the team has built some of the most outstanding special locations you have ever seen.

But most of all, these 5 years were filled with love, laughter and good times
with the most amazing people from all over the world!

Let’s celebrate ♥ CLUB BOHANNON ♥ !

5th Anniversary - Schedule


Bohannon’s Schedule (CW 35)

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