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Wurfi’s 12th Rezday

The first Rezday Party of 2019 and again, it was one of a kind!

Wurfi turned 12 and we had a fabulous time in our Wild West location
with amazing sets from DJ Supertom and DJ Divine!

Here’s to another 12 years, Wurfi!

Wurfi’s RezDay Gallery



Winter Party II

Ice and snow in our winter location, hot Funk & Soul grooves from our DJs
and so many party peeps wearing wonderful winterly Christmas outfits!

Thank you all so much for having  another fab event at Bohannon’s !

Merry Christmas everyone! ❤

Winter Party Gallery


Halloween 2018

What an amazing  Halloween marathon! 

4 days in a row, 7 sets filled with the most excellent music, so many wonderful costumes and an incredible final! Thank you all so much for this awesome event and the fun we all had together!

The Bohannon family is the best most definitely! ❤

Halloween 2018 Gallery


Oktoberfest 2018

What an event! Three days filled with the best of Funk and Soul and some pretty surprising brass band music songs in a cozy barn in a neat scene of rural charm, that was our Oktoberfest 2018!

Thank you all so much for spending much time with dressing up with pretty dirndl and lederhosen … you all looked so wonderful! And a special thank you to our DJs who really rocked the nights and made us dance all night long!


Oktoberfest 2018 Gallery


Pool Party

The Pool Party was running at Bohannon’s this weekend
and it was most definitely a blast! Woooooooot!

Fris outdid himself again with creating a location that offered quite some refreshment and entertainment! The pools cooled us off, but our DJs heated us up with the best of Funk & Soul, Disco and Summer songs!

And everyone looked fab – Thank you! ❤

Pool Party Gallery

Pool Party Gallery

Pool Party Gallery


World Cup Weekend II

The World Cup event is done and it was another one to remember!

Thanks to our DJs Tom and Djungle who played the best music ever and made us dance all night long! And of course thanks to our amazing Bohannon family who showed off their best sport outfits and had so much fun with us in our Bohannon stadium!

You rock!

World Cup Weekend Gallery II


World Cup Weekend I

The World Cup is stopping over at Club Bohannon!

What a first night and what a fabulous location! Fris outdid himself with creating this amazing stadium for us! Everyone looked fabulous and our DJs Moondog, Djungle and Medim spoiled our ears with the best of Funk & Soul and Disco. Thank you all so much!

Let’s keep celebrating tonight and have more fun at the only place to be – Bohannon Stadium 🙂

World Cup Weekend Gallery I


Cartoon Event II

POW! WOW! BAM! What a hell of a party!

You all looked so fabulous and had so much fun with us! Thank you so much for making such huge effort with your costumes and styles that kept me busy with taking tons of pics!

Thanks to Tom and Divine for their so entertaining sets
and the incredible Nonah Reeves with another outstanding live performance!

Truth be told, the Bohannon family knows how to celebrate a real party. 🙂

Cartoon Event Gallery II


Cartoon Event I

WOOOOW !!! What a fabulous start into our Cartoon Event !!!

Omg I knew it would be awesome but when I saw you in your costumes, I was speechless and couldn’t stop taking pics! The Bohannon family rocks! Thanks to Moon & Djungle for playing such great tunes that made us dance all night long!

Let’s have another night to remember tonight with our DJs Tom and Divine
and the incredible Nonah Reeves live on stage!

Cartoon Event Gallery I


Hell’O’Ween II

Two fabulous DJs, one incredible live singer, six hours full of music
and so many outstanding costumes – WHAT A NIGHT!

Thank you all so much for having made the second night of our HELL’O’WEEN event to another unforgettable one! You were awesome! Tom and Divine, you truly rocked the grid with your diabolically good sets, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Not to forget the extremely talented Nonah Reeves, she was the cream on the crop and almost crashed the sim! And last but not least, special thanks to Fris for creating another masterpiece, your hell was the hottest one Second Life has ever seen!


Hell'O'Ween Gallery II