2017/05/02 πŸ”— RezDays 2017 Stops By At Bohannon (by SL Event Magazine)

2017/05/01 πŸ”— RezDays Clubtour 2017 β˜… Bohannon Soul and Funk Club (by Tiniyn)

2017/05/01 πŸ”— Dj Lexx Runo at Club Bohannon (by JC)

2017/04/30 πŸ”— Bohannon Sets Tsunami On Charlie’s Rezz Day (by SL Event Magazine)

2017/03/07 πŸ”— Hurry For Harry @ Bohannon (by Noel Ceear)

2017/03/07 πŸ”— Dj Harry at Bohannon Funk and Soul Club (by JC)

2017/02/26 πŸ“Ή DJ Lexx – ANTIQUE at Bohannon’s (by Lexx)

2017/02/17 πŸ”— Djungle’s Rez Day in Second Life (by JC)

2017/01/13 πŸ”— Wurfi’s 10th Rez Day in SL (by JC)

2017/01/11 πŸ”— Funky by Nature @ Bohannon (by Jamal)

2017/01/10 πŸ”— Tuca Avril playing great music at Bohannon (by JC)


2016/12/29 πŸ”— George Michael Tribute (by Migon)

2016/11/17 πŸ“Ή At Club Bohannon (by Wurfi)

2016/11/05 πŸ”— Bonds (by Neybah)

2016/10/27 πŸ”— Halloween 2066 Party at Club Bohannon (by JC)

2016/10/22 πŸ”— Saturday at Bohannon’s (by JC)

2016/10/18 πŸ“Ή Line Dancing at Club Bohannon (by Wurfi)

2016/10/01 πŸ”— Octoberfest at Bohannon Funk & Soul Club (by JC)

2016/06/02 πŸ“Ή Second Life at its best! (by Wurfi)

2016/05/17 πŸ“Ή RezDays2016 Clubtour Bohannon (by Tiniyn)

2016/05/12 πŸ”— RezDays Clubtour β˜… Bohannon Soul and Funk Club (by Tiniyn)

2016/05/11 πŸ”— Beach party at Bohannon (by JC)

2016/05/10 πŸ”— Jonathan Wiskee at Bohannon (by JC)

2016/04/29 πŸ”— Jonathan Wiskee at Bohannon (by JC)

2016/04/22 πŸ”— Ruiz Garcia at Bohannon Funk & Soul Club (by JC)

2016/04/13 πŸ”— Party at Bohannon Funk & Soul Club (by JC)

2016/04/08 πŸ”— DJ Jonathan Wiskee at Bohannon (by JC)

2016/04/02 πŸ”— Saturday Party at Bohannon (by JC)

2016/03/23 πŸ”— Djunglebird Gloom at Bohannon (by JC)

2016/02/21 πŸ”— Bohannon Funk & Soul Club (by JC)


2015/07/28 πŸ“Ή Girls at Bohannon Funk Club (by Ninna)

2015/07/15 πŸ“Ή Funky! (by Ninna)

2015/06/30 πŸ“Ή Beach Party at Club Bohannon (by Wurfi)

2015/06/27 πŸ“Ή Fairytales Party – Bohannon Funk & Soul Club (by Migon)

2015/06/20 πŸ“Ή One Saturday night, two parties (by Caitlin)


2014/11/27 πŸ”— Bohannon Soul & Funk Club (by Charlie)

2014/06/23 πŸ”— How was your weekend? (by Caitlin)

2014/02/22 πŸ”— Jubel, Trubel, Heiterkeit … (by Charlie)

2014/02/08 πŸ”— Last night a DJ saved my life … (by Charlie)

2014/01/07 πŸ”— News ΓΌber das Bohannon (by Charlie)


2013/09/06 πŸ”— Welcome back, Bohannon! (by Charlie)

2013/05/18 πŸ”— Alle Jahre wieder (by Charlie)

2012/09/10 πŸ”— Bohannon new Soul and Funk Club (by SamHaywood)