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Oktoberfest 2019

What a weekend! Two days filled with the best of Funk and Soul and the best party peeps in a cozy barn in a neat scene of rural charm, what more could you ask for. The perfect Oktoberfest!

Thank you all so much for spending much time with dressing up with pretty dirndl and lederhosen … you all looked so wonderful! And a special thank you to our DJs who really rocked the nights and made us dance all night long!


Oktoberfest 2019 Gallery



7th Anniversary

7 years, what an Anniversary! 7 years filled with lots of absolutely fantastic parties, so much music and the most amazing people of the grid.

We invited you to celebrate this wonderful Anniversary and you all came! Thank you!

It was such a fabulous weekend with all of you in your white clothes on the beach and we enjoyed it so much. Thanks to Adam and Djungle and Tom and Divine who played such great sets and made us dance all night long.

The Bohannon family rocks. ❤️

7th Anniversary Gallery


Pool Party 2019

What a fabulous fantastic Pool Party Week! Did we promise too much? No, we don’t think so!

We had so many parties from the picture book with hot sets from the best DJs of the grid and lots of fun with all of you! Thank you, thank you and thank you again for all contributing to another event that will go down in history books.

You rock! ❤️

Pool Party 2019 Gallery


Roller Disco Event II

The 80s were probably one of the coolest and most colorful decades ever!
And exactly this era we celebrated in the last  two days in a Roller Disco !

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and paid tribute to the 80s with great outfits! And a big thank you to our DJs Medim, Djungle, Tom and Divine who played us the greatest songs of the 80s.

Thanks a lot, you rock! ❤️

Roller Disco Event Gallery


Charlie’s 10th Rezday

Thank you!!! Omg yes, thank you all for giving me a Rezday Party that I will never forget!

I had such a ball! I am sorry that I could neither talk to everyone in IM nor follow the open chat all the time but believe me, it meant so much to have you all around me and celebrate my 10th Rezday while listening to the outstanding sets from Wurfi and Djungle. Guys, you rock so much!

Thank you and here’s to 10 more years with you! ❤

Charlie’s RezDay Gallery


Pyjama Party II

The  last weekend  was most definitely one I will never forget!

Our special guests Nonah Reeves and The Romperdales made me freak out completely! Thanks to Micky and his boys from the Romperdales who gave me such a special belated birthday surprise, you really got me! I was so excited that I couldn’t take as many pics as usual and unfortunately I missed taking snaps of a lot of people, I truly apologize!

Thanks to our DJs Moondog, Katia, Tom, and Divine who played fantastic tunes and made us dance through the weekend and also to everyone who came and had such an amazing time with us.


Pyjama Party Gallery


Pyjama Party

Get out your pyjamas, dust off your slippers and get ready for a weekend in bed!

On Friday and Saturday the Bohannon will bring you to bed, extra new and fresh from Team Frisiboo.

And so that you don’t feel too lonely, we’ll even invite guests on Saturday,
the legendary Romperdales and the one and only Nonah Reeves!

Be ready!

Pyjama Party

Romperdales and Nonah Reeves


Wurfi’s 12th Rezday

The first Rezday Party of 2019 and again, it was one of a kind!

Wurfi turned 12 and we had a fabulous time in our Wild West location
with amazing sets from DJ Supertom and DJ Divine!

Here’s to another 12 years, Wurfi!

Wurfi’s RezDay Gallery


New Year’s Eve Party

It’s time to say good bye to 2018 and to welcome 2019!

So, let’s have a party with DJ Divine in her very unique and so entertaining style
and dance all night long! See you at 01:30 PM SLT on New Year’s Eve! 🍾


New Year’s Eve Party


Winter Party II

Ice and snow in our winter location, hot Funk & Soul grooves from our DJs
and so many party peeps wearing wonderful winterly Christmas outfits!

Thank you all so much for having  another fab event at Bohannon’s !

Merry Christmas everyone! ❤

Winter Party Gallery