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Halloween 2019

It’s  Halloween  time!

This year,  Club Bohannon  sponsors a trip right to  Bates’ Motel !

Join us on our journey back in time and visit our special location inspired by one of the most famous movies of all time!  PSYCHO ! Maybe you will meet Norman Bates himself or even find his mother? Who knows! All we can say is that you all will have a hell of a party!

Get your costumes ready and join us!
The Halloween parties will start on Wednesday and go on up till Saturday!  🎃 


Halloween 2019 - Psycho


Pool Party Week (CW 32)

Bohannon’s Schedule for the current week is out!


Bohannon's Schedule


Roller Disco Weekend

Roller Disco Weekend


Roller Disco Event

Roller Disco Event


Pyjama Party

Get out your pyjamas, dust off your slippers and get ready for a weekend in bed!

On Friday and Saturday the Bohannon will bring you to bed, extra new and fresh from Team Frisiboo.

And so that you don’t feel too lonely, we’ll even invite guests on Saturday,
the legendary Romperdales and the one and only Nonah Reeves!

Be ready!

Pyjama Party

Romperdales and Nonah Reeves


New Year’s Eve Party

It’s time to say good bye to 2018 and to welcome 2019!

So, let’s have a party with DJ Divine in her very unique and so entertaining style
and dance all night long! See you at 01:30 PM SLT on New Year’s Eve! 🍾


New Year’s Eve Party


Winter Party

Club Bohannon invites you to the ❄ Winter Party ❄ this weekend. Don’t miss it!


Winter Party


Halloween 2018

Once upon a time …

The mist was creeping over the ground, a sinister silence was lying over the small medieval village, the only sound was the scary call of the crows and the eerie creak of the rope around the neck of the man who was hanging on the gallow …

 Club Bohannon  invites you to see this spooky place with your own eyes and celebrate the Halloween party of the year with us! Haunting spirits and wicked ghouls might hunt you but the fun will be extraordinary! Join us if you dare!

 31st of October till 3rd of November HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Halloween 2018


Bohannon’s Schedule (CW 39)

The 🍻  Oktoberfest  🥨 in Munich has started with all its hustle and bustle but unlike in the previous years, we want to celebrate with you in a new special location by team Frisiboo!

From Thursday on, we want you to join us in a neat and cozy barn for the funkiest and grooviest beginning of autumn you have ever seen!

But first let’s start into the party week with the ultimate lexxified tunes tomorrow! See you! ❤

Bohannon's Schedule


Bohannon’s Schedule (CW 32)

This incredible heatwave is going on and everyone’s longing for some cooling off and refreshment. Well, Club Bohannon might have the right thing for you this weekend!

On Friday and Saturday, we are inviting you to an extra chilling 🧜‍  Pool Party  🧜‍♂️!

Yes! Team Frisiboo has built a special location with swimming pools, water slides and relaxing zones! Doesn’t it sound great?

But first, let’s start tonight into the party week with the perfect lexxified sound! SEE YOU! ❤

Bohannon's Schedule


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